Phu Yen is new destination for wonderful beach travel in Vietnam. Surely, you will admire it's clean white soft sand beach with blue water here. In addition, sea food is also cheap and fresh. You can get good price for domestic air tickets from both Vietjetair or Vietnam airlines.

Phu Yen is located in central Vietnam. Phu Yen provincial capital is Tuy Hoa city , 1,160 km south ward Hanoi from 560 km north ward Ho Chi Minh city. The province has an area of 5045 square kilometers, with a coastline of 189 km long.

Phu Yen has tropical monsoon climate, humid and hot climate, and influenced by the ocean. There are two distinct seasons: the rainy season from September to December and the sunny season from January to August. The annual average temperature of 26.5 ° C, and average annual rainfall of about 1,600 - 1.700mm.

Top tourist sites in Phu Yen include Xuan Dai Bay, Da Trang pagoda, Nhan Tower - a unique symbol of Cham's art, Long Thuy Beach with harmonious beauty, Vung Ro Bay, Ghenh Da Dia (Rapids of stone plates)


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