Mekong Delta, or in Vietnamese called Nine dragons river Delta, is southern part of Vietnam, and covers an area of about 40,000 sq km. Total population who rely on rice farming is around 20 million people. Mekong delta is considered to be the biggest basket of rice in Vietnam.
The length of Mekong river is 4,350 km, ranking 12th longest ones in Asia. The river flows through 6 countries including Myanmar, Thailand, China, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Besides Can Tho city, the capital city in Mekong Delta, there are 12 other provinces in this region. Mekong river part in Vietnam not only provides fertile soil for rice plantation but is also the area for farming fish and shrimp for export.

With criss-cross rivers and canals in the area is good for water transportation. With sub-equatorial climate the farmers here can plant 3 rice crops a year. Majority rice for export comes from Mekong Delta. Total rice export in Vietnam estimates 6 million tons/year.

People live in the Delta include Viet, Khmer, Hoa (Chinese), and Champa. Mekong delta is suitable for adventure tour like cruising along rivers and canals, biking, home stay, learning farming activities, sightseeing tours like visit floating markets or luxurious fruit gardens...Depart from Ho Chi Minh city  you will arrive the Delta with an hour and a half.


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