In the past the embroidery products were mainly made for the upper class, temples, and pagoda.
But nowadays embroideries are also used for decorative purposes. Besides embroidering by hand people also use new tech to create the motifs on the surface of table cloth, pillowcases, bed sheet, paintings of landscape and people.

The most skilled kind of embroidery is to make a portrait which requires skillful workers and more kinds of color threads.

The embroidery originates from Quat Dong village in Hanoi since 15th century, Dalat city, and Hue Imperial city. Today the embroidery companies and villages not only supply the products for domestic needs but also for export and international tourists who love folk arts of Vietnam.

Source: Internet

There are a wide range of embroidered products from souvenirs to very artistic ones where you can choose in the Old Quarter, traditional village, or XQ Dalat. People in the embroidery villages are still have great passion on the job handed down from their ancestors. 
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