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The House is 90 m long and 30 m wide and holds 900 seats. The ceiling is 30 m high with typical Greek style. The first and second floor have balcony. 

In here it is the major place for art performing in Hanoi. The House also overlooks August Revolution square. The house was refurbished to it’s original conditions in 1997 under the support of French Government.

                                                                      Ảnh: sưu tầm
The House was designed by two French architects, Harlay and Broyer. They used construction materials that suit local climate. The inner style of the House is also similar to other opera houses in Europe by 20 century.

                                                                      Ảnh: sưu tầm
In 2011 The Opera House and August Revolution square was recognized as National Heritage. There are around 400 art performances per year held in the House.


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